Marketing Booster – Starter Package

$300.00 / month

Have you ever:

  • Been overwhelmed with marketing options?
  • Wanted to offer a promotion, but just not sure how to make it work on your website?
  • Spent hours trying to fix website errors?
  • Waited days (or weeks) for an unresponsive web developer?

Strong online marketing is a key part of growing your business, but keeping up with the different platforms seems like a full-time job. If you need some help using technology to support your business this is the plan for you.

The Marketing Booster plan is a monthly support package designed to help you maximize your promotion campaigns and ensure your website is always running smoothly.

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Marketing Booster

$300 per month

Marketing and website support for growing businesses and soloprenuers. 


Marketing Strategy

Strategic Planning
Promotion Planning
Campaign Audit & Reporting
Online Advertising

Improve Your Website

SEO and website traffic
Web Design
Navigation and usability
Website Security

Campaign Support

Email Management
Promotional Graphics
Lead Capture & Sales Funnels
Website Sales Pages


The Nuts & Bolts

Each month this website maintenance package includes

3 hours of monthly support – Choose to have strategy sessions, training, campaign support or enhance your website.
*Monthly hours do roll over if you don’t use all your time in a given month