Create Your Sales Funnel


You’ve heard that you need to systematize your sales to help you move your web visitors through the sales cycle in order to become customers. If this has intrigued you, but sounded a little complicated, we’re here to take away the mystery.

A sales funnel is a series of messages that are designed to help prospects learn about your products and services, while weeding out the people that are unlikely to buy. The result is a group of qualified leads you have a good chance of converting.

When you put the sales funnel to work on your website, the sales process becomes automated with little effort on your part.

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Create Your Sales Funnel


A sales funnel is a function of automated email, often called a drip campaign. Once some enters the funnel, they receive a pre-set number of messages that are delivered at specific times. The messages should work together and all build up to an irresistible offer that turns them into a paying customer.

This package includes:

+ 30 minute consultation to outline the goals of your sales funnel

+ Outline of three-emails for a drip campaign with subject matter and call to action on each email

*Client must approve prior to delivery of next element

+ Fully drafted drip campaign

+ Suggested subject lines

+ Suggested delivery times and email spacing