Monthly Newsletter Management

$300.00 / month

You know that there are sales out there just waiting for you – clients ready for another purchase and prospects that just need a bit of TLC to push them toward to a sale.

You’re convinced that staying top of mind through email would help close a lot of these sales; you just need another five hours in each day.

As a small business, it’s tough to get it all done. We get it. That’s why we created the Monthly Newsletter Management package.

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Monthly Newsletter Management

$300 per month

You know how important it is to stay connected with your clients, but finding the time to sit down and put together an email each month can seem next to impossible. We’re here to help.

The Monthly Newsletter Management package is designed to help you get the messages you need out to your clients, with no effort other than a phone call.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll set up a 30 minute phone call each month to discuss what’s happening in your business, and pull out any news, specials, or coming events that you want the people on your list to be aware of.
  2. The Social Light team takes that information and crafts that into a draft of an email, which you get to approve.
  3. Next we build that content into a custom designed email message, bringing in images to match the content.
  4. Now comes the QA.
    1. We ensure that each and every link in your message works properly.
    2. Run it through a spam inspection to ensure there’s nothing in your email that would stop it from reaching the people on your list.
    3. Perform an inbox inspection to check the format of your email on multiple email clients and devices.
  5. We’ll create a killer subject line to help increase your open rate.
  6. You’ll get a test version of the email to approve.
  7. Once you approve the email, we’ll manage the mailing to your list, optimizing the best send time for best open rates.
  8. A week after the email is sent you’ll review an overview report of how your email performed.

This package will be billed monthly and has a three-month minimum.

Sound good to you, but need to send more than one email a month?

Simply increase the number in your cart to the number of emails you want to send on a monthly basis.
(If you want 2 emails a month, you’d have 2 Monthly Newsletter Management packages in your cart.)