Lead Generation Kit


Worried that you’re missing out on potential leads from your website?

This package offers a complete solution to help you create a compelling method to capture leads and start the sales process.


Lead Generation Kit


Whether you have an eBook or a special discount available only to subscribers, this package starts off with the a special offer tempting enough that your web visitors are willing to give you their email address to get it.

Once they’re on your list you have a great opportunity to nurture them through the sales cycle and help convert them into a paying customer.

This package will help you cover three key aspects of lead generation:

Popup Integration

Popups allow you to highlight a specific message in order to capture your visitor’s interest wherever they are on the site
+ Recommendations on the best popup plugin for you.
+ Install popup functionality on your website and integrate it with email client.
+ Design and draft your pop up message.

Lead Page

Lead pages are designed to drive conversions, in this case email subscriptions to receive your special offer
+ Write compelling headlines and page copy.
+ Design and setup lead page on your website.
+ Connect email client to page to enroll new subscribers.
+ Setup automated delivery of promised offer (ebook, discount) as soon as user signs up for email list.

Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a preset series of messages delivered via automated email that is designed to move someone through the sales cycle.
+ Outline of three-email drip campaign with subject matter and call to action on each email.
*Client must approve prior to delivery of next element.
+ Full drafts of three emails within drip campaign.
*Want to personalize email content with your own voice? Social Light will provide feedback on one round of revisions.
+ Suggested subject lines, email spacing and delivery times.< + Set up of approved drip campaign within email client.   

This package also includes:

+ 30 minute initial consultation
+ One-month analytics review with potential recommendations to improve conversion rate.